Suplex High-Breathable Forming Film by XtraPlast

Quality Rollstock Film, Perfect for Red Meat, Fresh & Frozen to maintain the red color that consumers want.
Packaging processes can stay the same, just add the best XtraPlast film for the job.

Fresh/Frozen ground beef ships to restaurants in less than 24h.

Product packaged less than 30 minutes after grinding. Room temperature of 0-3 C Package stored fresh near 0 C
Expected max shelve live 3 days at 0.5-1 C
Kept red color of the meat after 24 hours
Picture taken 3 hours after packaging Picture taken 24 hours after packaging

Aquasun black Non Forming & Suplex high breathable film provided by XtraPlast.

High OTR, breathable film barriers are designed to keep vacuum packages from expanding. Suplex high-breathable film allows flavor to develop without cross contamination, reduce spoilage from water vapor, protect the product from ultra-violet light, and protect against carbon dioxide; all while still allowing food organisms to breathe oxygen, and discouraging moisture and odors from entering package. Consumers will appreciate the Fresh Look and Taste.

  • Crystal Clear Film shows off products, not packaging
  • Flexible and Formable
  • Solid Rigidity for puncture resistance
  • Forms at 95 C
  • Excellent Sealing Properties


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Placing your orders is quick and easy! With our online order system you can place orders and manage inventory 24/7, 365 days a year. Our packaging consultants are ready to help you with your order. You can chat live now with a consultant, call 816-799-0049 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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