XtraPlast AL • Aluminum Thermoforming Film

Available in web widths to match your packaging machines for both Forming and Non-Forming, Aquasun AL offers an attractive maintain a hermetically sealed package with easily printable & labeleable surfaces, absolute tamper-evident/resistant, and 0 OTR (zero, zilch, nada, nothing). Whether you use AquaSun for Atmosphere, Vacuum, or MAP, your product will have the Perfect Package.


The Cold-Forming AquaSun AL Material is Stretched Under Vacuum & Plug Assist. Insert Edges have a 2mm Radius so material slides easily into the form. Forming die up-force is key. The VC999 i-Series Forming Die exerts 15 Tons per side, with a Steel Form Top Plate that is a Precision-Planed Surface.

General Properties:

  • Aluminum
  • Soft Temper
  • One Side, Bright
  • One Side, Matte

Forming Film Properties:

  • Dull side • Lacquer‐Laminated to 30μ OPP film
  • Bright side • Lacquer‐laminated to 15μ OPA film
  • OPA film lacquer‐laminated to 75μ PP film

Top Film Properties:

  • Aluminum foil, soft temper dull
  • Dull side: Lacquer‐laminated to 19μ PETP film
  • Bright side: Lacquer‐laminated to 75μ PP film

Sealing Properties:

  • Perimeter Seal Plate with Heat Standoff, avoiding unwanted heat transfer
  • Flat seal gaskets, 75-80 durometer
  • Angled Seal filler plate inserts
  • Sealing: 175 C Double Sealed, 2x4 mm Seals with 1 mm gap

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